Bet Your Friends

Friendly Wagers for Beers, Burgers, and More


Good Bet is a fun way to make that big game more interesting while supporting local businesses.

How It Works

Review Available Wagers

We've partnered with brands and local businesses to bring you free chances to win on sporting events and more.

Bet a Friend

Pick who you think will win and send the bet to a buddy or colleague. It's that easy!

Claim Your Winnings

Once the event is complete, we'll upload the score and the bet winner will be notified by text message. They simply click the link and pick from a list of stakes available with the bet - all at local businesses near them.


Your winnings will be delivered as a digital gift card from our friends at ItsOnMe. Simple take this to the merchant and redeem on site.

Why use Good Bet?

  • Its fun and free to use!
  • Allows you to be there for the game even when you can't be.
  • It supports local business and drives money back in to your local economy.